Freelance Sales Executive

Freelance Sales Executive


BOUNTE™ is a cloud-based technology that automates lost and found operations and minimizes staff contact with lost property. Our smartphone app uses AI image recognition to record and  log items. Each item is stored in a barcoded BOUNTE bag and sealed for hygiene and security, and  a  return  shipping  wizard  handles  labeling. All  contribute  to  a  greatly  enhanced  customer experience. BOUNTE’s primary target markets are hospitality and aviation.

About the position

BOUNTE is looking for a seasoned Senior Sales Executive to join the growing team with a focus on  selling  the  platform  to  the  hospitality  industry  (hotels).  You’ll  introduce  and  demo  the  platform to the hotels. BOUNTE is an easy-to-use system that requires little to no training and takes  only  a  few  minutes  to  demo.  BOUNTE  is  a  startup,  so  your  impact  will  be  BIG.  This is  typically a face-to-face sales process, however during COVID, we will be utilizing Zoom for online  demos.  This  is  an  excellent  opportunity  to  work  with  a  cool  high-tech  company  in  hospitality while you’re in transition and want to earn income and possibly join the company full-time in the future.


  • 2+ Years selling within the hospitality industry. Event, conference, hotel, sales, etc.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and writing skills.
  • Proficiency in presentation and/or demoing skills.
  • Fluent in technical capabilities and software concepts (mobile, web, and cloud).
  • Experience in lead list development
  • Demonstrate creative selling techniques in prospecting and closing.


In  this  role,  you  will  be  selling  either/all  of  the  following  products/services  that  BOUNTE  currently offers.

BOUNTE Venue™ (Lost & Found):

The BOUNTE Venue mobile and web application are sold as a free service to hotels.  Unlimited  users and support are also provided. BOUNTE generates revenue when items are requested to be  shipped  back  to  the  guest.  The  shipping  fees  are  a  source  of  revenue  for  BOUNTE.  The commissions for selling this platform to the hotel is as follows:

  • $30 for each hotel that signs up for a demo
  • $100 for each hotel that signs up as an account.
  • $150  for  each  hotel with over 250 rooms and classified as a luxury or upper mid-range hotel.

All commissions are paid out after 30 days. No hotel minimum account duration is required.

BOUNTE Protect™ Bags:

The  BOUNTE  Venue  Lost  and Found software works in conjunction with the bags by scanning  he printed barcodes on each bag. The bags are purchased by BOUNTE and inventoried until hotels request more.  There are three bag sizes 5X10, 12X12, and 24X24 (coming soon).  These  bags are sold at $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 each respectively.


20% Commission on each bag sold. Paid after 30 days.

BOUNTE PT™ (Parcel Tracking)

BOUNTE’s  PT™  is  a  subscription  service  that  hotels  utilize  to  help  manage  their  parcel  management. As hotels accept boxes, envelops, and crates on behalf of guests, they incur an operational challenge of managing the inventory of items and timelessness of notifying guests. BOUNTE PT™ is a paid subscription service that hotels pay monthly.


20% of the annualize PT subscription value.


  1. <200 Rooms is $9.99 / month
  2. 200-500 Rooms $50 / month
  3. >500 rooms (negotiated)

Management Company Sales:

Sales  of  any  of  the  BOUNTE  products or services through a hotel management company with  multiple properties under management will fall onto a % commission

For questions on the position, feel free to contact us!