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Lost & Found can present a significant challenge, particularly when it comes to the disposal of unclaimed cell phones. These devices often contain personally identifiable information (PII) and harmful materials, both of which must be managed responsibly. To address this issue, BOUNTE has partnered with 911 Cell Phone Bank.

BOUNTE’s advanced disposition manager seamlessly integrates with 911 Cell Phone Bank to streamline the request and reporting process for lost & found electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, headsets, cameras, etc.). Once a request is made, 911 Cell Phone Bank sends a pre-paid label to the property. The property can then send back the unclaimed cell phones, which are securely erased of private information using a trusted and certified process.

The refurbished phones are donated to law enforcement and victim’s agencies to assist victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, where they are put to valuable use. This initiative not only supports vital community programs but also benefits the environment by reducing electronic waste. Our strategic partnership with 911 Cell Phone Bank enhances the lost & found process, making it safer and more efficient. With BOUNTE and 911 Cell Phone Bank, everyone wins.