How Bounte Protect™ Works

Create Great First and Last Impressions With BOUNTE – The Most Modern and Innovative Lost and Found App in Existence.

Easy-to-use mobile app with fast time to proficiency

Deliver an outstanding customer experience with no headaches or hassle for staff.

Using a smartphone, an employee takes a photo of a found item
The BOUNTE mobile app’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) identifies the item, adds it to the venue’s digital lost and found and auto-tags the image with detailed descriptors
A GPS map pinpoints the location of where item was found
The item is placed in a BOUNTE bag, sealed and a photo of the bag’s barcode is taken for tracking
Instant access to the database speeds priority searches and quick claims
A return wizard automates the labeling and return process
Advanced dashboard and reporting features deliver program management

Lost & Found Process: 3 Major Risks

Staff Risk

Mishandling, labeling or cataloging lost items can lead to reputation problems for the organization’s brand, hurting customer loyalty. Staff members and customers alike become frustrated if items are not handled properly.

Process Risk

Archaic paper or spreadsheet-based tracking systems are not mobile, searchable or collaborative, resulting in slow and inaccurate responses to customer inquiries. Slow adoption to lost and found technology advancements put your company, organization or venue at competitive disadvantage.

Privacy/Security Risk

Collecting customers’ shipping and credit card information exposes an organization to added risk. Inaccurate shipping and billing information will further frustrate customers and increase the risk that the item is lost again!

What our customers say about us

  • “Staff training on the BOUNTE app is quick and users feel comfortable instantly. As easy as it is to use, it’s much more sophisticated and powerful than anything we’ve had. The genius is in the simple, intuitive design.”

    Troy StrandGeneral Manager, The Whitehall Hotel Chicago
  • “With BOUNTE, if you can take a selfie, you can manage a lost and found for a hotel.”

    Regional managerSoutheastern U.S. hotel group