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BOUNTE™ is a Leader in Cloud-based Lost & Found Technology, Trusted by Some of the Top Brands in Hospitality


Trusted by some of the world’s most well-known hotel brands, the BOUNTE smartphone app automates and streamlines lost and found operations with artificial intelligence and
geo-location technology.


BOUNTE Protect stores items in a sealable BOUNTE bag with an individualized barcode for tracking, giving hotels a way to assure guests that enhanced low-touch and cleanliness standards related to COVID-19 are applied to personal property left behind.

Better CX

The BOUNTE app eliminates staff frustration and operational inefficiencies tied to a manual, pen and paper-based lost and found while greatly enhancing the customer experience.

Highly Scalable

The BOUNTE app is a great fit for airports, airlines, hotels, casinos, convention centers, car rental companies, ridesharing services, commuter rail or buses, stadiums, ballparks, theaters – plus hospitals or schools — any venue can benefit from the highly scalable BOUNTE.

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BOUNTE Leadership

Stephen SinclairStephen Sinclair, Founder, CEO

Steve is an experienced, high-energy executive, innovator and team builder with significant financial and capital markets knowledge. He also is a successful software developer and entrepreneur. Steve founded BOUNTE and developed the BOUNTE app. Steve helped launched three other technology start-ups, Performance Interactive, LLC, Parking Search.com and Sintech Software.

Steve has worked in small business and high-growth corporate environments. He honed his technology leadership skills while working as CTO for 15 years at Performance Trust Capital Partners, where he delivered technical and business solutions in a fast-moving, demanding financial services environment. He has deep experience with software architecture and managing high-performance teams. Steve has a bachelor of science degree in finance and investments from Babson College. He has certifications in artificial intelligence from Stanford University and the University of Michigan.

Steve tinkers with all types of technologies such as programming for circuit boards and artificial intelligence.  He created a Bluetooth guitar pedal that works with a computer.  He’s currently developing advanced mobile, messaging and cloud technologies.  When not working, Steve likes to travel with his family and take flying lessons.

6 Reasons to Use BOUNTE™


It's Digital

Creates a digital platform with a searchable database for returning lost items to their owners.

It’s Automated

Brings automation and centralization to a lost and found, replacing a manual, disorganized and even chaotic, decentralized approach.

It's Convenient

Delivers a convenient, fast and reliable process for securing a lost item.


It’s Low-Touch

Creates a low-touch approach with minimal staff involvement. A BOUNTE bag stores an item safely and securely until it’s returned to the owner.


It Boosts CX

Improves the customer experience by making it easy for staff to reunite guests with their personal property.


It's a Time Saver

Reduces staff time and energy in managing the lost and found.


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How BOUNTE Works