System Basics: HOW IT WORKS

BOUNTE Venue™ introduces a much simpler and cost effective way to manage your lost & found.

1. Identify.

  • Housekeeping or employees take a picture as soon as its found.
  • The BOUNTE mobile app auto-logs the location so users don't need to enter it
  • The image, location and description are logged to the central database in the cloud for the staff to share
  • Built-in artificial Intelligence (AI) to auto-label images. Saves time on typing with more accuracy. Keywords used to enrich searching
  • Integrated geolocation and map technologies to auto-assign found items’ location.

2. Locate.

  • Fast Search: Front desk uses BOUNTE's web-based lost and found manager to search and find items in the digital lost and found. Search by description, location, or keywords
  • Share: Keep hotel staff on the same page with shared status and notes.
  • One-click access to lost and found dashboards items, claims and users.
  • Simple-to-use interface. and NO software to install
  • Multiple user and secure
  • Access from any device (Phones, tablets, and computers)
  • integrated web claim submission. Have guests and customers submit their claims automatically through your own website

3. Ship.

  • Integrated shipping label and payment workflow that is frictionless. The customer selects and pays using PCI compliant leading e-commerce payment and shipment automation. No more collecting credit card information or checking shipping options on websites
  • BOUNTE is connected to almost every carrier (USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) and utilizes a best-in-class platform.
  • Automated shipping tracking and status links and emails to customers to keep informed on delivery status

How the process will work:

Housekeeping / Staff Identify Lost item

Housekeeping / Guest Services take photo of found item. Artificial intelligence (AI) auto-labels item and adds to hotel’s digital lost & found with just a few taps on a smartphone.

Locate & Communicate

Guest Services work with guests and the digital lost & found through searchable cloud-based website and the hotel’s lost & found portal. Claim management and shared information across all hotel staff.

Automated Shipping

Fully-automated label return process. Hotel no longer needs credit card or generate shipping labels. Significant operational cost reduction.

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