Delivering operational excellence and customer experience for your lost and found operations.


Your Customers deserve the best lost & found experience.

Customer Experience:

Your customers can quickly find and claim their lost items from your very own lost & found your business’s webpage. Customers can search 24/7 for their cherished items.
No software development required

Operational Excellence:

The lost & found can be an operational mess, especially if you’re managing it with post-it notes and spreadsheets.  Use BOUNTE VENUE’s web management portal for lost item management, claims and process management.  Your staff will find is easy and efficient.  You will find cost savings on utilizing a streamlined platform.

Advanced Technology:

The BOUNTE VENUE mobile app will auto-lable photos using advancements in artifical intelligence (AI) to save your employees time when entering items into the lost and found.  This results in time savings, acurrancy and powerful searchable database to give your customers the very best lost & found experience.


one-site account (<1,000 items)
Free No contracts. Quit anytime.
  • Mobile App
  • Web Administration (Digital Lost & Found)
  • Customer Portal
  • Email support


Larger organizations with multiple sites
$ 149
($1,600 annual deal)
  • Mobile App
  • Web Administration Multi-Site Capable
  • Customer Portal
  • Custom styling, match your brand
  • Optional unique URL address
  • Live Phone Support
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