Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Just take a photo of the found item and BOUNTE will automatically fill in the rest, like magic. Hotel staff save an incredible not typing descriptions.  

  • Housekeeping or employees take a picture as soon as its found.
  • The BOUNTE mobile app auto-logs the location so users don’t need to enter it
  • The image, location and description are logged to the central database in the cloud for the staff to share
  • Built-in artificial Intelligence (AI) to auto-label images. Saves time on typing with more accuracy. Keywords used to enrich searching
  • Integrated geolocation and map technologies to auto-assign found items’ location.

Inventory Management

Save time, money and reduce operational overhead with managing your lost and found with BOUNTE’s integrated reporting and lost & found management features.  BOUNTE will group items in 30-60-90 days buckets to determine which items need to be donated or thrown out.  

Guest Experience

Hotel staff can quickly search and respond to guest inquiries using the mobile or web application.  Staff can submit claims, lookup lost and found records and share important updates.   The guest will no longer be waiting or transfered to get an update.

  • Fast Search: Front desk uses BOUNTE’s web-based lost and found manager to search and find items in the digital lost and found. Search by description, location, or keywords
  • Share: Keep hotel staff on the same page with shared status and notes.
  • One-click access to lost and found dashboards items, claims and users.
  • Simple-to-use interface. and NO software to install
  • Multiple user and secure
  • Access from any device (Phones, tablets, and computers)
  • integrated web claim submission. Have guests and customers submit their claims automatically through your own website


Integrate shipping for automated guest-purchase or in-room charge shipping label workflow.  No more calling guests for credit card information and looking up rates.  BOUNTE takes all the manual shipping label purchase and printing and automates it! 

  • Integrated shipping label and payment workflow that is frictionless. The customer selects and pays using PCI compliant leading e-commerce payment and shipment automation. No more collecting credit card information or checking shipping options on websites
  • BOUNTE is connected to almost every carrier (USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) and utilizes a best-in-class platform.
  • Automated shipping tracking and status links and emails to customers to keep informed on delivery status

Cost Effective: Its Free

BOUNTE is not only the hospitality Industry’s most advanced platform, it’s also FREE. BOUNTE charges a small fee only when guests purchase a shipping label.

For Example, if a guest purchases a shipping label, BOUNTE will add $5-10 extra as a fee.  The guest essentially is paying for the system.  If 

How the process will work:

Housekeeping / Staff Identify Lost item

Housekeeping / Guest Services take photo of found item. Artificial intelligence (AI) auto-labels item and adds to hotel’s digital lost & found with just a few taps on a smartphone.

Locate & Communicate

Guest Services work with guests and the digital lost & found through searchable cloud-based website and the hotel’s lost & found portal. Claim management and shared information across all hotel staff.

Automated Shipping

Fully-automated label return process. Hotel no longer needs credit card or generate shipping labels. Significant operational cost reduction.


Lost & Found
  • Mobile App & Web App
  • Unlimited Users
  • Standard Support and Upgrades
  • Shipping Revenue Sharing
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