Your guests lose stuff, and a lot of it

BOUNTE Venue™ solves many of the challenges of running a lost & found operation at your hotel or venue. Our software is an intelligent lost and found app that modernizes the lost and found operations. Still using spreadsheets and log books to track found items? This costing you money both in expense and revenue!​
Operational Excellence

Transform your lost and found operations into a fully-digital and streamlined process that reduces costs and operational inefficiency

Customer Experience

Wow your customers with the simple shipping and payment options that provides easy and frictionless return processing.

Cost Effective / Scalable

Venue is built with the latest web, mobile and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The platform will provide unlimited scale



BOUNTE builds trust amongst staff and guest by enabling a streamlined iron-clad process for handling lost items. The team will use the BOUNTE app to take a photo of the lost item as soon as it is found. The user, location, image, and description are captured and stored to the establishment’s cloud database. No more mishandling, no more miscommunication or confusion on the items details. Housekeeping can be rewarded when items are returned and guest/staff will


Hotel loyalty is paramount to its success. When a lost and found situation occurs with a guest, its essential to get the guest the right information and timely. The BOUNTE website’s claims management lost item tracking, and status enables your team to have access to details of the lost item, the status, and any noted communication with the guest. The guest will appreciate the professional handling of their things with clear, transparent and accurate information.


BOUNTE reduces the friction of returning lost items via the automated shipping label creation and payment platform, which the customers handles. The hotel staff no longer needs to handle the credit card over the phone and dealing with the postal website for shipping rates. This time is earned back and the hotel saves money.
BOUNTE can attach a fee for the hotel to return items to customers. This additional fee is collected by BOUNTE when charging for shipping and forwarded to the hotel. Now the lost & found generates revenue when happy customers get their lost items returned.