We threw out the lost and found cookie cutters when we created Bounte Venue ™

The Enterprise level is perfect for larger properties with specific lost and found needs or existing processes that could use a tune up. We work directly with your CTO, Head of Housekeeping, Security Director, and General Manager teams to assure your Bounte VenueTM system exceeds your specifications.

We do this by providing:

Get A Complete Property Needs Analysis

Procedure assessment and research.
Evaluation of current lost and found procedures.
Design changes to the BOUNTE platform

System Customization

Add/remove fields, layout, and workflow to better fit your hotel's needs
Configure the style, font and images on shipping emails to match your hotel's brand
Custom reporting

{API}... Make It Yours

Custom API integration with BOUNTE's HTTP/Restful interface
Online API documentation
Custom development available. Fees apply.

Every execution is different and is scalable to include franchise oversight, mega properties 2,000 rooms and greater, resorts, amusement parks, airlines, concert venues, or any large venue where something could be lost - even a state park!
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