The Story:
A year ago, on a family trip to Arizona, we visited the Saguaro Lake for the day. What seemed to be a fun and relaxing day of boating, swimming and diving turned into an unforgettable moment for my brother and his wife. After an hour of swimming near the shore, my brother realized the worst had happened, his wedding ring fell off and dropped to the bottom of the lake. Twenty feet down with no scuba gear it almost impossible to keep diving down for a momentary look. Realizing this was a lost caused we motioned to the people on the beach and other boats and offered $1,000 to anyone who could find the ring. I grabbed my phone thinking there “has to be an app for that” and there wasn’t. We never found that ring, but we did find a good idea to build an app to help others in the same situation! That day, BOUNTE was born.

Stephen J. Sinclair


Steve is the visionary and founder of bounte, leading the company as its CEO. Steve brings the creative technology and strategic direction to the company with over 10+ years as the CTO and C-level strategy roles at a highly successful financial advisory in Chicago. His technical leadership help drive critical innovations to weather the credit crisis and significant operational growth. Steve has experience in the startup arena, developing the web's first parking spot location service, ParkingSearch.com. He started Performance Interactive, a small consulting company that developed cutting-edge touchscreen learning management systems for the San Francisco 49ers. Working alongside NFL Hall Of Fame linebacker, Mike Singletary, Steve designed one of the NFL's first highly immersive learning technologies. Steve was featured on TV, Wall Street Journal, Crain's Chicago Business, and the Pioneer Press. Steve is a father of three and husband. Inbetween homework, kid's games, and family events, you can find Steve playing his Fender or Gibson guitar in the man cave. Graduated Babson College in 1994. Finance & Investments / MIS. Stanford University: Machine Learning Certified. (Andrew Ng) Student Pilot

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