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Hotels have parcel challenges:

    • Logging received parcels is manual with paper & spreadsheets being error-prone and slow.
    • Locating guest parcels at the hotel is manual and time consuming
    • Response time for guest inquiry is slow and inaccurate
    • Costly to operate:  manual & labor intensive, return shipmentsIncreasing inventory of un-returned parcels filling storage space

The Solution: BOUNTE PT

AI-Enabled Data Entry

No on-premise technology to install or manage, everything runs in the cloud and is universally accessible from mobile and web devices for all the staff from anywhere on the world!

Search and Reports

New integrated camera-based label recognition eliminates any typing! BOUNTE scans the label and stores every line of label's detail including the tracking number. The process tasks one second and works like magic!


Instantly respond to guest inquiry on parcel requests with integrated search and inventory reports. Safe time & money while providing guest experience excellence.

How It Works

Take a photo of the label and BOUNTE captures all the details in 1 second. No typing necessary to add parcels to the database. Auto-check PMS system for reservations based on the recipient name

Quickly lookup records, run reports and manage the status of parcels. Share important information amongst staff.

Capture return signature and auto- check out parcel from inventory. All from a mobile device.

PMS Integration

BOUNTE can connect and query your support PMS system for matching with our partnership with HAPI.IO. Instant lookup of reservations that match the name on the parcel for verification.

Less Then 300

$ 99 Monthly
  • Free Setup


$ 149 Monthly
  • Free Setup


$ 249 Monthly
  • * $200/ setup

PMS Integration

Connect your supported PMS System
$ 2 / room yearly
  • Read-Only reservation lookup
  • Cloud-based
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