November 28, 2018 08:00 AM Central Standard Time

LAKE FOREST, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BOUNTE, LLC, a leading lost and found software and technologies company, today launched the world’s most intelligent lost and found mobile app, available at the Google Play and Apple App stores. The BOUNTE app uses mobile and messaging technologies to help people quickly find lost items such as pets, jewelry, laptops, phones, sunglasses and wallets.

BOUNTE uses geolocation technologies to push out relevant location-based alerts, including on social media. BOUNTE also broadcasts to users whether a bounty is available and specifies the reward amount.

“Everybody in their lifetime will lose something like a wallet, ring or phone. It can be frustrating, time consuming and sometimes heartbreaking to frantically look for valuables and come up empty,” said Stephen Sinclair, BOUNTE CEO. “BOUNTE solves this problem by broadcasting your lost item on the app’s network, instantly tapping a search team. Owners also can offer a reward, turning the search into a treasure hunt.”

People typically look for lost items on social media, online lists, school websites and public safety boards. These options are not very effective because they are siloed sites slow to reach an audience that can readily help.

  • Signup for BOUNTE is free. To post, enter a description, photo, location and bounty (optional).
  • BOUNTE users within a relevant geographical region are then notified. Also, anyone with an Android or iPhone can check and see what’s been lost in their location. Then, they can start searching, too!
  • BOUNTE offers one-click posting to chosen social networks.
  • The finder notifies the owner by tapping the screen’s found button.
  • For no cost, searchers who find a lost item not yet posted tap the button, “I Found Something!”

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